Friday, July 24, 2009

Update on TTC

So I went with my hubby to meet the specialist he was referred to in Kettering. He was very nice and seemed compassionate. He went over hubby's analysis and hormone lab results. Hormone levels were fine, exam was fine(no Varicocele, that was the possible culprit of our TTC issues), the doc did have some issues about the level of accurancy of the analysis, due to where the results were compiled from. So our list of instructions were to start hubby on 2 different vitamins(one is an antioxidant and for the life of me I cannot remember the other), avoid hottubs and hot baths, no laptop directly on hubby's lap...if you are sensing a theme with heat being bad for the little are right! Ten weeks from this visit, hubby has an prescription to go to another lab(one of five recommended by our specialist)for another semen analysis to aquire accurate better results. He believes it is still motility that is an issue, but the number was not much lower than the ideal number so we will meet back with the doc 1-2 weeks after second analysis. He told us to continue TTC aggressively when I am ovulating. So the bad news...I am ovulating while he is in India....I hate a missed opportunity..but I am looking at it as everything happens for a reason and this cylcle is not the one that our baby wants to be concieved in ; o ) Plus I am hoping with the procedure I had done a little over a month ago, and no diagnosis of Varicocele, and the fact that we have been apart over 3 weeks...that this will all be I dare dream? You bet, I still have hope that our dream will come true!

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DaniKel said...

I am hoping too, with every thing in me. I hate that you are missing a cylce - but you are so right. Everything happens for a reason. And maybe a cycle off will refresh you both, and then next cycle with be the one. I have everything crossed for you!!