Friday, July 24, 2009

Update on TTC

So I went with my hubby to meet the specialist he was referred to in Kettering. He was very nice and seemed compassionate. He went over hubby's analysis and hormone lab results. Hormone levels were fine, exam was fine(no Varicocele, that was the possible culprit of our TTC issues), the doc did have some issues about the level of accurancy of the analysis, due to where the results were compiled from. So our list of instructions were to start hubby on 2 different vitamins(one is an antioxidant and for the life of me I cannot remember the other), avoid hottubs and hot baths, no laptop directly on hubby's lap...if you are sensing a theme with heat being bad for the little are right! Ten weeks from this visit, hubby has an prescription to go to another lab(one of five recommended by our specialist)for another semen analysis to aquire accurate better results. He believes it is still motility that is an issue, but the number was not much lower than the ideal number so we will meet back with the doc 1-2 weeks after second analysis. He told us to continue TTC aggressively when I am ovulating. So the bad news...I am ovulating while he is in India....I hate a missed opportunity..but I am looking at it as everything happens for a reason and this cylcle is not the one that our baby wants to be concieved in ; o ) Plus I am hoping with the procedure I had done a little over a month ago, and no diagnosis of Varicocele, and the fact that we have been apart over 3 weeks...that this will all be I dare dream? You bet, I still have hope that our dream will come true!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

So much time, so much to do, so little energy.

I thought I would use the time that my hubby was in India to do a lot of "around" the house stuff. There are some rooms that need painted, we have new doors that need painted before he hangs them, flooring to do, and then just some odd projects that i want to get our photos in frames and hung around the house!...oh and some cleaning. Well I did start some cleaning, I got that main bathroom completely done, and the kitchen, only thing left is inside oven and inside the fridge. I have placed a few photos, just none that hang, oh and I polished some old silver knick knacks that belonged to my hubby's grandfather. That was all done by Sunday. Now when I get home from work I can;t help but fix some dinner, and then I plant my but in my hubby's recliner and find myself watching lifetime(Lifetime is a no no when hubby is home..haha). I am so unmotivated. I have managed to keep all my laundry caught up though. I am the type person that I only want to start a project if I know I can get it done before I go to bed..must be the Virgo in me...most of the stuff I have in mind to do I know can done be done in a few hours, so I think I am holding out for the weekend when I do not have to get interrupted by going to bed to get sleep to go to work in the am. Perhaps this will be my weekend to accomplish big things!!! We will see.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

18 days and counting....

My hubby headed for Bangalore, India this past Thursday(July 16)...I miss him so much, wish he didn't have to go. I took a half day off of work so I could see him off
and we headed to Dayton Airport. Once we were there we got the bad news that his flight to Chicago was delayed by 4 hours(of course I was secretly jumping up and down inside because this meant more time with my hubby). This was a huge problem because he would miss all his connecting flights to reach his final destination of Bangalore.
The airline agent was able to find him another flight leaving at 7:45pm, going directly to Frankfurt Germany(avoid Chicago), then he would still make it to connect to Bangalore...we just have to get him to Cincinnati Airport...did I mention that by this time it is almost four o'clock...perfect time to hit rush hour traffic as we approach Cincinnati.
So we made it to Cincinnati, and I said goodbye to my husband for 23 days : o (
My father in law went with us, which was really nice, I am glad I did not have to drive back all by myself. We stopped for dinner and had a really nice time talking...he is the best dad in law!
I finally got to talk to him yesterday, he has had a busy weekend already..he went to see the Taj Mahal...can't wait to see the pictures. He said it is really something else over there. I am counting the days till he is back home and in my arms.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One day at a time..or should I say one appointment.

I posted earlier about my HSG and that results came back normal, well we finally have the results from my hubby's analysis and it came back abnormal, due to motility. My doctor referred us to a specialist in Kettering and we have that appointment for next week. The specialist thinks after discussing with my doc that the motility issue may be due to Varicoseles, which is fixable..says my doc. I am trying to play out 50 scenarios in my head and what will be the best decision for our future of hubby seems to be the more sensible one and does not want to make any decisions or get all worked up about what little information we have so far(we don't even know the break down of his analysis)until we meet with the specialist...did I mention fertility specialist...there it is, it's out there...that word that I hoped to avoid...I kept thinking and hoping that we were not pregnant because we were trying to hard, and that it just wasn't our time...yet, but it would eventually happen without all these appointments, procedures, and physicians. Of course I can not stay away from the Internet, trying to research anything and everything having to do with infertility, motility, name it and I have probably been there, which may not be a good thing, because I think I am reading to much conflicting information which will just confuse the hell outta me! Hubby also had a blood draw for testosterone and estradiol levels, that are supposed to be faxed to my doc who will then fax them to the specialist, so I guess we will get those results at our consult as well. Can I also say that I am frustrated with the specialist already, we have to pay $150 up front and file all our own insurance claims...and I am sure our insurance will not cover...I am hoping that it is still considered diagnostic, since we have not actually been told what his diagnosis is, in that case they should pay....but now I am sure we will run into paperwork issues because we have to file ridiculous! Oh and of course I am sure like most couple TTC, that are having is a huge factor...we just never prepared for the possibility of infertility costs. I am keeping my fingers crossed that since I know what his number are form his analysis(just don't know what they mean) and that since there was not a zero for motility that means someof his swimmers are motile, which makes me think we have a chance(no matter how small) of getting pregnant regardless of his possible diagnosis. I am holding on to that thought...because it gives me hope! I am sure I will have a better understanding of both lab results once we meet with the specialist and go from there.