Friday, June 11, 2010

Vintage Virginia 2010 Wine Festival

Here is a picture taken with my cell phone at The Vintage Virginia 2010 wine festival that we went to last weekend. We had a great time, tried  many different kinds of wine. I think my favorite was the chocolate...of course we bought a bottle of it.  We even had one that was made from 32 different kinds of peppers, it was incredibly hot, but hey after all the tastings we had prior to that vendor there was no way we were passing it up.  It was good fro the "shock" value of it but I would never by a bottle, unless it was for a prank. ha ha  We were there for about 4 hours, it was so hot and humid, thank goodness that most of the day it was overcast so we did not have to deal with the sun beating down on us also. I love visiting with my cousin and his family, we always have a great time and drink lots of wine. I will try to share some more pictures that are on our camera in another post.
This is me with my cousin's wife, Amber.