Monday, September 28, 2009

Vacation is over.

Well we are back home and back to work. I have a ton of work to catch up on so I will post about our trip at a later time...back to reality..haha.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

More ready than ever for our getaway.

This has been a day from H-E-double hockey sticks! I am soooo looking forward to having my hubby all to myself for a whole phones, email, internet, or work!
I know the whole point of vacation is to get a break from work but I am already dreading the return, because I know that I will have a weeks worth of work to get done,. plus get all my stuff ready for clinic that takes place the next day after my first day back. I know it is job security but I am the only here that when I go on vacation my work or at least a majoritu of it does not get done by someone, everyone!
It is just so very frustrating. I instantly get the biggest grin on my face when I think how lost this wonderful place of employment will be when I go on maternity leave(at least I hope I am lucky enough to someday have maternity leave...still TTC) I am evil today..heehee. I have so much to do to prepare for my week off and I have been having computer issues for two days...still no resolutions...I hope they get me up and running or I will not be able to complete a lot of things that are needed for next week..when I am cruising. Let's not forget that I want to color my hair, finish laundry, tidy our house, dispense our puppies to our wonderful family and friends that have each offered to pet sit for us, pack...and I think that is all!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Let us never forget.

TGIF and my birthday.

I am another year older today...35...feels like 29...haha I wish I was 29 again!
I know age is just a number and I really don't feel 35...but tell that to my eggs.
I never thought I would be 35 and TTC...unsuccessfully that is. I am hoping with this new age comes some new milestones, like childbirth...I am keeping my fingers my finger crossed. Enough about that, it's my birthday and I am going to enjoy it. My husband took a lovely picture with my phone of me sleeping this morning and sent it to one of my freinds and said it's my birthday. One day I might share the pic, it is pretty bad though. He is so goofy that is why I love him. He sang happy birthday to me too. I have received a ton of messages and texts that started at 6 am,(thanks cousin)and I loved them all. My mom and step dad came by yesterday. She brought me a cake with candles(thanks Mom, I love cake and it was delicious). They bought me some clothes, perfume that I had asked for(yahoo), a bag(perfect for the beach)and she had an old photo blown up of my dad when he was just a toddler...I do not recall ever seeing any photos of my dad as a kid, the only pic I remember was his senior year. I love that my mom even though she is remarried did this little thing for me, I love it. I realize not only now how much I look lik emy dad, but how much I looked like him back then when I was that age. I can't wait to show it to my dad too, just to see his reaction! I am so thankful that even though my parents are divorced and both have remarried that they can still get along an dbe in the same room. I will check back in next week to fill everyone in on the rest of my birthdya and to share what goodies I got from my hubby. May god watch over all those who lost loved ones on this horrific day 8 years ago, they may be gone but not forgotten and we will never forget!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On a roll....

I actually started to paint our master bathroom last night. I just made up my mind that I was going to start it as soon as I got home from work. I am almost done with the ceiling, I see one spot that looks a little lighter than the rest, so after I touch that up when I get home today I will then decide if I need one more coat or if I am ready to add color to the walls! It makes a huge difference already, the previous owners paited the ceiling the same as the walls(a peachy color)and I just painted it flat white. I also painted the exhaust fan cover white(it was silver). I am hoping to finish the rest of the painting this evening, except for where the
medicine cabiet is, once I am ready, my hubby will remove that and the lights so I can paint behind it and then install our new mights and cabinet. Slowly but surely it is getting there. We have so much home improvement stuff to do...bought most of the supplies just running out of steam to tackle the tasks! When it is all said in done, we will have replaced the toilet, the vanity, the lights/medicaine cabinet, painted and put new floor down in our bathroom. I already bought the rugs, trash can, deco stuff, curtain and towels. I am ready to finish this!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009