Friday, September 11, 2009

TGIF and my birthday.

I am another year older today...35...feels like 29...haha I wish I was 29 again!
I know age is just a number and I really don't feel 35...but tell that to my eggs.
I never thought I would be 35 and TTC...unsuccessfully that is. I am hoping with this new age comes some new milestones, like childbirth...I am keeping my fingers my finger crossed. Enough about that, it's my birthday and I am going to enjoy it. My husband took a lovely picture with my phone of me sleeping this morning and sent it to one of my freinds and said it's my birthday. One day I might share the pic, it is pretty bad though. He is so goofy that is why I love him. He sang happy birthday to me too. I have received a ton of messages and texts that started at 6 am,(thanks cousin)and I loved them all. My mom and step dad came by yesterday. She brought me a cake with candles(thanks Mom, I love cake and it was delicious). They bought me some clothes, perfume that I had asked for(yahoo), a bag(perfect for the beach)and she had an old photo blown up of my dad when he was just a toddler...I do not recall ever seeing any photos of my dad as a kid, the only pic I remember was his senior year. I love that my mom even though she is remarried did this little thing for me, I love it. I realize not only now how much I look lik emy dad, but how much I looked like him back then when I was that age. I can't wait to show it to my dad too, just to see his reaction! I am so thankful that even though my parents are divorced and both have remarried that they can still get along an dbe in the same room. I will check back in next week to fill everyone in on the rest of my birthdya and to share what goodies I got from my hubby. May god watch over all those who lost loved ones on this horrific day 8 years ago, they may be gone but not forgotten and we will never forget!!!


AJ's mommy said...

Happy Birthday!!!

DaniKel said...

I have not neen on here.... so

Happy Birthday!!

I had an awesome time Friday night! We SOO need to do that more often! And I tell you what - that Bud Light was rather yummy!!! I sure hope your birthday was as wonderful as you are!!

Love you my dearest BFF!!

Oh - and I would love to be getting ready to head off on a cruise!! Especially after the weekend/week we have/are having!