Friday, December 18, 2009


I am so ready fro the weekend...hooray!!! I have tons to do, but it will be nice to not have to work anywhere for the next two days.  I am hoping to drag my hubby to finish some shopping tomorrow. I still have no idea what dessert I am going to make to take to his dad and step mom's gathering tomorrow.  I can take whatever I want to my mom's on Sunday so I plan on making winter sangria and then an appetizer or dessert...maybe both, if they are easy.  I am looking forward to hanging out with our families. Perhaps on Monday I will actually feel rested....I can hope can't I?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Need a vacation...

I have been so busy working, I feel like I just need a break.  I have so much to do for, wrapping, cleaning, and deciding what covered dishes to take to all of our gatherings...only 11 more days till Christmas, when will I ever find the time to get it all done?  We are celebrating Christmas on Saturday with my father in law and his wife's family, then off to my mom and step-dad's on Sunday with my sister.  I have to at least get my shopping finished of the two gatherings this weekend.  I am usually the person still wrapping every year on Christmas eve....guess it is tradition.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Tags...

So for several years I have planned on making these and have never gone through with it, well last year I saved all of our Christmas cards and decided this was gonna be the year to make them.  I bought a one ound pack of scrap cardstock at  walmart and I already had the various scissors.  Basically just cut the cards a little smaller then the card stock, put a thin layer of glue on the card, and attach to the chosen card stock.  I placed under a heavy object till dry. Once dry punch a whole in corner or where ever you like, tie ribbon and attach to wrapped christmas gifts or gift bag.  Here are the few that I have started minus the whole and the ribbon, I will add those when I have completed all my cards....I still have a ton to do.  You can write on the blank side to/from.  Tags can be made from any card to keep on hand for other occasions.  Just wanted to share : o )