Friday, April 23, 2010

Finally finished.

My hubby had to go to Florida this past Sunday-Wednesday for work. I decided while he was gone I was finally going to paint my step-daughter's room. She picked out the color and then we secretly went back and bought it last summer. Yep we had the paint that long. My cousin gave us an awesome comforter set, that was like new, so I bought a few other accessories and curtains to match that. I just finished last night painting, cleaning, moving everything back, and hubby hung a few things for me....he is the pro at hanging things and using those tools! I am really happy with the way it turned out, except the curtains need hemmed, but I wanted them up so she can see her room when she comes tonight for the weekend. She has no idea that we did this to her room. Unfortuneatly I did not take any before pics, it was yucky, we had never painted since we moved in 3 years ago. It use to be this peach/tan color, all 4 walls and the trim.  I also realized that she needs to go through all her toys, games and stuff and make a donation pile. She can not and does not play with half the stuff she has. There are still a few other things I want to get to add to her walls, and eventually we want to replace all of our old blinds with something new, I am thinking I would love to have the wite wood blinds, but we will see.  I can't wait for her to see it and I am so glad that it is finally done.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

You are always on my mind...

I usually talk to my hubby every morning either on the way to work or shortly after I get there and this morning was no different than any other. We talked  for a few, he told me that he thinks it is going to be a good day and then asked me if I was thinking about baby stuff?  Of course the obvious answer is yes, even though I try to not be "obssessed" with all things baby/pregnancy, it is hard to let it escape my thoughts completely. They come rushing back everytime I start my cycle again, when I have to check out a customer at my part time job buying a pregnancy test (really hard when it is the young nervous girl who was not planning this-yet we have been trying for 2 years), everytime a pregnant vendor walks in to my office, the news of a relative or friend expecting...yes I think of it. I find myself daydreaming of how I will tell my husband whenever I actually get a BFP, finally being able to tell me stepdaughter that she is gonna be a big sister (something that she requests frequently), what we will name our child, how will the nursery be decorated and on and on and on. Hubby said we have to quit stressing over this and just let it happen, it will happen. God I love him so much.  I do know that when we are pregnant and after I deliver, I will be able to look at my sweet baby and say you were always on my mind.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


      Not much new going on here other than my hubby and I joined a gym and I love it. I feel sooooo
good after working out, I just can't believe it. So far I have been averaging 3 times a week, which is
about how often I had in mind to go, maybe shoot for 4 times a week.  It is hard since I have been working so much at my part time job, but that should slow down as soon as they get someone else hired. I am just going to get in shape and tone up a little. I would love to have awesome abs and better toned arms, but I am not sure if I am dedicated enough to get hubby is helping me and he has been great. 
My step daughter is on the track team fro the first time this year(she is in 7th grade)  Her first meet is Monday April 5th and I am supe rexcited to see her compete. I think if she is dedicated enough that this will be a sport that she can really excel in. She seems to really like it.
So wondering about the title, funny little story behind TGIT. During my time in the U.S. Navy, I did a six month deployment on board the USS Abraham Lincoln an done of the ports that we frequented was Jebel Ali, a port town, located 35 kilometres southwest of the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)).
Anyway it has been 12 years since I have been there so I don't remember all the exact details but there were some weird laws about drinking and where alcohol was serveed. So a group of my friends and I  decided to go to Fridays thinking we could drink alcohol there. We were then told to try this other place called...(can you guess?) TGI we went after we ate at Fridays and they did indeed serve alcohol....just made us some happy sailors!