Monday, November 30, 2009

Early Christmas

So the picture from Wordless Wednesday is of my step-daughter's christmas present. Her name is Ginger, she is 11 weeks old.  Of course we had to give her to Miss Lindsey early, there was no way we could hide a puppy for a month.  She is the best puppy and my puppy seems to really like her. Miss Lindsey is absolutely thrilled to have her own dog, she adores her. I am so thankful all the dogs get along, I was really worried we would mess that up by adding yet another dog into the mix. Hopefully the next new addition to our family will be a baby and not another dog..hee hee. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, and for those that shop black friday, I hope you found all that you were looking for.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Persistance Pays Off!!

So I have called the office of my GYN doc almost every day since I realized that my already scheduled appointment will probably fall on CD1, because for some odd reason I am was 2 days early on my cycle this month. Anyway, after the appointment this past friday I am even more eager to get in so I can talk to her about the specialist's findings and recommendations.  So my phone call yesterday landed me an appoitnment 9 days sooner due to someone else cancelling. I am thrilled and just wanted to share.  Have they never heard of a cancellation list, this is what my office does where I work, quite simple and effective, and I don't get someone calling me everyday to see if there were any cancellations. Toodles!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wish, hope, pray!

So we were given a thumbs up at my hubbys appointment Friday, the second results came back and the doctor said all his numbers are good, there are no male fertility issues and he recommends that I go back to my doctor(way ahead of you doc, already had appointment scheduled) to start clomid. Of course it takes forever to get into my doctor, well maybe it just seems like forever for me because I would have loved to gone right to her after my hubby's appointment. Anyway I am scheduled to see her in december, but I plan on calling EVERYDAY to see if there are any cancellations.  They are gonna love me..ha ha  I am really anxious to get in there so we can start the next step...I am concerned about one thing, I have NEVER had my hormone levels checked, she ordered this test for hubby but not for me and I have not thought anything about it until hubby went for his first appointment with the specialist. I figured I would bombard my doc with all these questions/concerns when I go for my appointment.  SO I feel really good but a small part of me is freaking out beucase if everything is ok then why have we been TTC for 18, almost 19 months?!?!?
My mind starts wandering to all kinds of possibilities and reasonings...I need therapy, thank goodness for this blog. So until the day that I have a positive pregnancy test I will be wishing, hoping, and praying for a miracle, our little miracle made possible by gods help!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New favorite.

I had to work at my part time job last night till 9:30 so I only got to see a little over an hour of the CMA's...and let me tell ya I absolutely loved the Kenny and Dave song they did together, I already downloaded it on my hubby and I love DMB, go see him every summer....he puts on one hell of a show. Anyway if you did not have a chance to watch them or hear the song on the radio you really shold check it out, I think it is very inspirational and just a beautiful song. I also like Kenny, don' t want to leave him out.  I just love love love this song! I was really excited about Taylor winning all that she won, she rocks...listen to her Fearless CD all and I mean ALL the time...I get hooked on a cd and will wear it out then move on to something else. TTFN : o )

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Anxious and worried....

Well my hubby scheduled our follow up appointment with the fertility specialist on Friday. We will meet with him to get our results from hubby's second(hopefully more accurate results) semen analysis and see what
options lie ahead for us on this TTC journey.  The last visit went better than we expected, we were expecte dto be told that he owuld have to have a procedure scheduled, but turned out the doctors' assumption was worng once he met with hubby, gave him a list of a few simple instructions, an order for a second analysis to be done at the lab the doctor recommended(not the place we had the first one done), and then a follow up two weeks after the second analysis was done.  So until Friday, I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything is ok and we find out we are a healthy couple that cen get pregant...but the timing must just be off :o )