Monday, November 16, 2009

Wish, hope, pray!

So we were given a thumbs up at my hubbys appointment Friday, the second results came back and the doctor said all his numbers are good, there are no male fertility issues and he recommends that I go back to my doctor(way ahead of you doc, already had appointment scheduled) to start clomid. Of course it takes forever to get into my doctor, well maybe it just seems like forever for me because I would have loved to gone right to her after my hubby's appointment. Anyway I am scheduled to see her in december, but I plan on calling EVERYDAY to see if there are any cancellations.  They are gonna love me..ha ha  I am really anxious to get in there so we can start the next step...I am concerned about one thing, I have NEVER had my hormone levels checked, she ordered this test for hubby but not for me and I have not thought anything about it until hubby went for his first appointment with the specialist. I figured I would bombard my doc with all these questions/concerns when I go for my appointment.  SO I feel really good but a small part of me is freaking out beucase if everything is ok then why have we been TTC for 18, almost 19 months?!?!?
My mind starts wandering to all kinds of possibilities and reasonings...I need therapy, thank goodness for this blog. So until the day that I have a positive pregnancy test I will be wishing, hoping, and praying for a miracle, our little miracle made possible by gods help!


DaniKel said...

I would have figured that your dr would have sent you in to have blood work done. Especially since she sent you in for the HSG. I am gald you already have an appt for Dec, but I sure hope you call and they can get you in sooner due to a cancellation!

I understand about the blog being therapy - I sooo need to utilize my therapist more! lol

And don't freak out ( I know, I know, MUCH easier said than done ). Your miracle(s) are on (their) way. (They) are just waiting on that clomid - so that (they) can come at the same time! :-) Love ya BFF!!

AJ's mommy said...

I know... the TTC roller coaster is so much at times... it is time consuming and frustrating. But one day here soon you will get that positive test!!! Can't wait to see it :)

Nicolle said...

I'm still praying for you! It will happen. It is a LONG road, but you have many supporters! I had to take extra progesterone because my levels were low, but all was well. Now I have a crazy 19 month old that never lets me rest. haha. I feel for you and totally understand the desire for a baby. Keep your head up! :)