Thursday, November 12, 2009

New favorite.

I had to work at my part time job last night till 9:30 so I only got to see a little over an hour of the CMA's...and let me tell ya I absolutely loved the Kenny and Dave song they did together, I already downloaded it on my hubby and I love DMB, go see him every summer....he puts on one hell of a show. Anyway if you did not have a chance to watch them or hear the song on the radio you really shold check it out, I think it is very inspirational and just a beautiful song. I also like Kenny, don' t want to leave him out.  I just love love love this song! I was really excited about Taylor winning all that she won, she rocks...listen to her Fearless CD all and I mean ALL the time...I get hooked on a cd and will wear it out then move on to something else. TTFN : o )

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DaniKel said...

Yeah, so not in touch with the music world... haha I had no idea that the CMA's were on, but I did notice that my Wed shows were not on. So now I know why! lol

I will have to find the song online and listen! Love ya!