Monday, December 14, 2009

Need a vacation...

I have been so busy working, I feel like I just need a break.  I have so much to do for, wrapping, cleaning, and deciding what covered dishes to take to all of our gatherings...only 11 more days till Christmas, when will I ever find the time to get it all done?  We are celebrating Christmas on Saturday with my father in law and his wife's family, then off to my mom and step-dad's on Sunday with my sister.  I have to at least get my shopping finished of the two gatherings this weekend.  I am usually the person still wrapping every year on Christmas eve....guess it is tradition.


DaniKel said...

I soooo know what you mean! Kel and I both have time off (she is off 1/2 night tomorrow, thurs, fri and all next week, I am off 2 hours early on thurs, fri and all next week!) and I really need it.

Enjoy your Christmas gatherings this weeekend!!

Nicolle said...

You are so kind. I wish I was close too, and I'd love to do pictures for you! I just added that link to my page. I'm just starting my business and have so much to learn. I was kind of embarrassed to have people see my pictures yet, but I figured, what the heck! Gotta start somewhere.

I know what you mean. Christmas time is SO busy! I hope you are able to get everything done, and have a little time for yourself! :)