Thursday, September 17, 2009

More ready than ever for our getaway.

This has been a day from H-E-double hockey sticks! I am soooo looking forward to having my hubby all to myself for a whole phones, email, internet, or work!
I know the whole point of vacation is to get a break from work but I am already dreading the return, because I know that I will have a weeks worth of work to get done,. plus get all my stuff ready for clinic that takes place the next day after my first day back. I know it is job security but I am the only here that when I go on vacation my work or at least a majoritu of it does not get done by someone, everyone!
It is just so very frustrating. I instantly get the biggest grin on my face when I think how lost this wonderful place of employment will be when I go on maternity leave(at least I hope I am lucky enough to someday have maternity leave...still TTC) I am evil today..heehee. I have so much to do to prepare for my week off and I have been having computer issues for two days...still no resolutions...I hope they get me up and running or I will not be able to complete a lot of things that are needed for next week..when I am cruising. Let's not forget that I want to color my hair, finish laundry, tidy our house, dispense our puppies to our wonderful family and friends that have each offered to pet sit for us, pack...and I think that is all!


DaniKel said...

Did you find room in your suitcase? I soo need to get away from here. Maybe when we get back my kids will be healthy??!!??!! :-)

You guys have a FANTASTIC time! Enjoy all the one on one time that doesn't happen in the every day life. And don't you dare think about work one time. It will still be there whether you think about it or not - so no need to.

Gotta go - one of the kids (I think Caelyn) just hacked up a lung. I'm gonna go check on her!

Love ya BFF!

AJ's mommy said...

Enjoy your time and TRY not to think about work... it will be there when you get back!

Nicolle said...

I hope you had a fun trip! I know. It sucks being off work and going back to a ton of stuff. I hope it wasn't too bad for you when you got back.