Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On a roll....

I actually started to paint our master bathroom last night. I just made up my mind that I was going to start it as soon as I got home from work. I am almost done with the ceiling, I see one spot that looks a little lighter than the rest, so after I touch that up when I get home today I will then decide if I need one more coat or if I am ready to add color to the walls! It makes a huge difference already, the previous owners paited the ceiling the same as the walls(a peachy color)and I just painted it flat white. I also painted the exhaust fan cover white(it was silver). I am hoping to finish the rest of the painting this evening, except for where the
medicine cabiet is, once I am ready, my hubby will remove that and the lights so I can paint behind it and then install our new mights and cabinet. Slowly but surely it is getting there. We have so much home improvement stuff to do...bought most of the supplies just running out of steam to tackle the tasks! When it is all said in done, we will have replaced the toilet, the vanity, the lights/medicaine cabinet, painted and put new floor down in our bathroom. I already bought the rugs, trash can, deco stuff, curtain and towels. I am ready to finish this!!!

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AJ's mommy said...

Sounds like it will be awesome! Would love to see a pic! I always love seeing a new room after fresh paint.. I am just not very good at painting!