Thursday, July 23, 2009

So much time, so much to do, so little energy.

I thought I would use the time that my hubby was in India to do a lot of "around" the house stuff. There are some rooms that need painted, we have new doors that need painted before he hangs them, flooring to do, and then just some odd projects that i want to get our photos in frames and hung around the house!...oh and some cleaning. Well I did start some cleaning, I got that main bathroom completely done, and the kitchen, only thing left is inside oven and inside the fridge. I have placed a few photos, just none that hang, oh and I polished some old silver knick knacks that belonged to my hubby's grandfather. That was all done by Sunday. Now when I get home from work I can;t help but fix some dinner, and then I plant my but in my hubby's recliner and find myself watching lifetime(Lifetime is a no no when hubby is home..haha). I am so unmotivated. I have managed to keep all my laundry caught up though. I am the type person that I only want to start a project if I know I can get it done before I go to bed..must be the Virgo in me...most of the stuff I have in mind to do I know can done be done in a few hours, so I think I am holding out for the weekend when I do not have to get interrupted by going to bed to get sleep to go to work in the am. Perhaps this will be my weekend to accomplish big things!!! We will see.

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AJ's mommy said...

You sound like you got alot done to me! Kris is away this weekend and I have so much that I want to get done, but here I sit :)