Monday, August 10, 2009

Home at last!

My hubby is back in town....and I am so thankful and excited. Of course I think United, was trying to prevent this, his flight from Chicago was delayed twice. As if 3 weeks apart was not enough, lets go ahead and add a couple more hours! I am thrilled that he made it though. He had so many neat pictures,the Taj Mahal looked absolutely incredible. There are still more pictures on his digital camera, maybe I can get some posted on here...I keep saying that and have yet to do
He had to go back to work today and tomorrow but then is off the rest of the week, I know he is really wore out and jet lagged, so hopefully his time off will get him adjusted back to Ohio time. I can't wait to get off work today because I get to go home to him instead of an empty house(except for the doggies). He had pictures of this temple and once there you could buy this silk scarf to lay over this woman's tomb and then you take I string and tie on to this elaborate screen and make a wish..he did not reveal his wish but I know what he wished for...let's hope his trip to India proves well for expanding our family....making our dreams come true.

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DaniKel said...

I am so glad he is back! And I know what he wished for too - and I sure am hoping that it makes your dreams come true!!