Monday, August 24, 2009

Time flies...

It has been absolutely wonderful having my hubby home, but now his time is spent coaching football so I rarely see him. He has practice everday Monday through Friday and then games on Saturdays. They had their preview games this past Saturday and I was planning on going but never made it because I had a killer headached that I just could not get rid of, I never made it out of my pj's until almost 6, even then I only showered to put on a clean pair of pj's. I was bummed to miss his games and I know he was disappointed...I will go to the next one! My step daughter made the volley ball team this year so I/we will have some of her games to go to also, I am unsure when her first one is, I need to look at the schedule again.
Yesterday we went for a ride on the motorcycle to get our favorite pizza, it was only about 30 minute ride one way, but it was nice, not too hot, not too chilly. The pizza was delicious, I decided to try the buffallo chicken pizza, and I LOVED it, wish I would have order the next size up. Hubby and his friend got their own pizza. I am picky on toppings but will usually go along with what everyone else wants...except sausage, I can not stand sausage on my pizza, anything else I can pick it was really nice to have my own pizza all to my self. I did make hubby try a piece...this frustrates him, I always want him to try my food if it is something we have not had and I think it is good and that he will like it..he always protests that he does not want to try it, but in the end, he has a mouthful of my food ...small victory...and he usually always ends up liking it too! That pretty much sums up my weekend. It is only Mondya and I am wishing it were Friday already!


DaniKel said...

You guys are just about as busy as we are right now! lol

We are always having to figure out and rearrange our schedules. I am excited that this weekend. Jayk has a double header, and I will actually get to see both games cause Jarrod's football game isn't until 8. We have had to split up so I have missed the baseball games, which so sucks. But, we gotta do what we gotta do.

It was awesome running into you guys last night! Gryfi was so excited to see you!! His grin lit up the entire store!! lol

Stephers said...

Are you sure it was his grin or that crack we seen in the school supply aisle...haha I am glad we ran into you too. I passed on the bands for Piper, gonna hit the dollar store after work..I was not paying that much for some plastic bands...holy cow!

AJ's mommy said...

I HATE sausage on my pizza too :)