Friday, March 20, 2009

What a week...

My cousin and his wife were in for the weekend,not long, but I did get to go out with Amber Saturday night, it was a blast. We watched her cousin's incredible band, I loved them;STS kicks butt! We went to dinner Sunday to celebrate my neice's sweet 16 was yummy! Monday I was not feeling so hot, made me wonder about the seafood I ate Sunday....Looking back on the week my stomach has not been right all week : ( Tuesday was the 4 year anniversary of the first time my hubby and I met(it was after this night that I told my mom that I met the man I was going to marry)...Happy St. Patricks Day, it is also my niece's actual birthday. We hung out at our house with some friends and watched Halloween... I worked on cleaning the house and preparing food for my jewelry party that i was hosting the next night. Wednesday I came home and scrambled to get the sloppy joe in the crockpot(it turned our pretty good, this was the first time I ever made it)and getting all the other snacks out and put on "display". I made chocolate covered strawberries in under one hour and they were a hit, more yummies! I had a pretty successful party, I will be getting a ton of free and half priced items. Yesterday I was exhausted and still feel about the same today. We have no plans for tonight, I may have to sneak a nap when I get home, I feel that tired. We have an uneventful weekend, might be going out with my sis in law and some friends tomorrow, still uncertain!

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DaniKel said...

I hate that I missed the jewelry party. I was obviously wanting some choco covered strawberries!

So - anyway that the nausea/upset stomach, tiredness could be a sign of something else??!!

After that first night - you also told me that you had met the man you were going to marry, and he told me that he met his future wife! hehe Love happy endings! Especially since I had a part to play in this one!

Luv ya!