Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

I am so ready for the weekend. I had the bright idea of coming in 2 hours earlier each day this week so I could have Friday off without using my paid time off...well
getting up at 5:30 is kicking my butt. Of course I will be so excited that I am off on Friday so I can go with my hubby to The Arnold in Columbus. I went last year with him and it was so neat to see Lou Ferrigno and Batista! We plan on taking our time going through it this year and perhaps watch some of the competitions. I had my nephew, Joel, this weekend. He is 10 and he and my step daughter get along pretty well, thank goodness because I was not much fun for him. I woke up Saturday with a cold sore(YUCK!) and it affects me pretty bad but I did not have the heart to cancel on him so I got him anyway. I am finally startin gto feel half way back to normal and the cold sore is going down, I no longer look like I got punched in the mouth! I also tried another crock pot recipe, the french toast bake. It was not a hit, we ate it but pitched the extras along with the recipe...sorry no intentions of making that one again.


DaniKel said...

Cold sores are the worst. Glad you are feeling better.

Have this Friday.... and remember "I'll Be Back!" hehe

onemorebaby said...

Congrats on the new blog! I am an "online friend" of Danielle and Kelly. Have fun this weekend, sound like a good time!

Tina said...

I came over to be sure I started followng your blog and I already was :) I cant keep track... great to have you in the blogging world.

twondra said...

Welcome to blogland. :) I'm a blogger friend of Danielle and came over from there. Can't wait to get to know you and follow your journey! (((HUGS)))

DaniKel said...

Hola Chica!]

Just wanted to let you know that YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED!! hehe

I also think you should do the Honest Scrap - and let us all know 10 things about you. So even though, I have already done that one also, I am also tagging for you that. I am going to go back and edit that blog - you weren' blogging yet, or I would have tagged you then.

So, my wonderful BFF - you have been double tagged! hehe ;-)