Friday, October 23, 2009

Where does the time go?

I cannot believe it is almost Halloween, thanksgiving is right around the corner and before I know it, it will be Christmas! I recently started a new part time job that so far I really like, it is a completely different pace from seasonal job and yet so different form my full time job...confused? I have worked at a jewelry store for the past ten years, when I first started I was full time, then I went to part time, and for the past 8 years I have been "seasonal", but I usually work year round when the hours are available. Well the hours have slowly been dropping the last two years and this year I have not worked since may, and that was only about 10 hours between 2 days. Needless to say I have been actively looking for other part time work and finally came across something that would work great with my full time hours, so I applied, interviewed twice, was offered the position....and accepted! I will get my first check next week and I can't wait. The plan was to quit the jewelry store, I do not need or want to work 3 jobs, but I am actually going to help out through the holidays, so November I am only working 3 days, no problem.
My hubby has been a huge help already while I am working 2 jobs. He has been doing some cleaning and cooking. Yesterday, he painted our garage door, still needs another coat or two, he painted 2 of our 6 shutters, and he weeded the front flower beds and put new mulch in. Looks great. I finally had him take down the old medicine cabinet wednesday so I could finish painting above, behind, and around where it was haning on the wall, so all the painting is completely done in our bathroom. I am hoping that when he gets home from work we can hang the new cabinet and light fixture. I am anxious to have a mirrow and better light in the bathroom, plus all of our medicaine cabinet supplies are in a box waiting to be returned to their home.
I would love if we could have all of our projects done before the holidays so that maybe we could have something at our house, but right now no way do I want guests coming over for a big holiday dinner with the way everything looks right now. Besides we still have not put up our brand new kitchen table, waiting for the floor to get done...may have to put it up regardless, we can not leave it in the garage through winter, it could get ruined. One project at a time, the kitchen will get done eventually. TGIF.

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