Thursday, October 29, 2009

One step closer.

So my hubby and I finally made the trip to the lab that the fertility specialist recommended for a second semen analysis; we had our first appointment in September but had to cancel and since then between our cruise, work schedule and timing we were not able to get in until today... thank goodness because he leaves for work trip next week for 5 days! We now need to call our specialist to make a follow up appointment to get our lab results and see what lies ahead for us in our journey of TTC.

I am absolutely exhausted, I did not sleep well because I had a sick puppy...hubby siad when he came home for lunch yesterday she had gotten into our potatos and was jsut walking around with it in her mouth so proud. He took it away and told her that was bad and she came out with two more before he left.  She has never gotten into them before, guess we need to put them higher. I am thinking that the raw potato is behind her upset belly at 3 in the morning. Of course she continued to cry, growl, and whimper because she wanted back up on the bed, but I did not want to tak any chances of her getting sick on the bed. Hopefully I get better sleep tonight!


AJ's mommy said...

Poor puppy... hope she is feeling better.

DaniKel said...

I am glad you guys are a step closer. Did you find out when you go and get the results? I am super anxious to know what lies ahead!! Love you!!