Friday, June 12, 2009


So the dream did not prove to be a sign for me being pregnant, not sure what it meant?!?! I actually made a follow up appointment with my gyno, because the hubby and I have been TTC since April 2008 and no luck. I actually started the day of my appointment, so another cycle that I prayed would not happen, happened. She(my doc) suggested that I have a hysterosalpingogram(HSG) and my hubby have a semen analysis done. Once we get the results of those tests then we will proceed from there, if everything is normal then she said that she would go ahead with the referral to a specialist, because she is concerned about my age and pregnancy and does not want to waste time within her office when the end result would be referring me to a specialist anyway.

Just a little info on HSG and Semen Analysis: A HSG is an X-ray test that looks at the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes and the area around them. It often is done for women who are having a hard time becoming pregnant (infertile).During a hysterosalpingogram, a dye (contrast material) is put through a thin tube that is put through the vagina and into the uterus. Because the uterus and the fallopian tubes are hooked together, the dye will flow into the fallopian tubes. Pictures are taken using a steady beam of X-ray (fluoroscopy) as the dye passes through the uterus and fallopian tubes. The pictures can show problems such as an injury or abnormal structure of the uterus or fallopian tubes, or a blockage that would prevent an egg moving through a fallopian tube to the uterus.
A semen analysis measures the amount of semen a man produces and determines the number and quality of sperm in the semen sample. A semen analysis is usually one of the first tests done to help determine whether a man has a problem fathering a child (infertility). A problem with the semen or sperm affects more than one-third of the couples who are unable to have children (infertile).

So I had the procedure scheduled and performed on June 10...I must say that I was not at all prepared for the severity of the cramping and I think I jinxed myself by asking how long the procedure would take becuase needless to say my doc coudl not get the catheter where it need to be to inflate the balloon so she had to use some other instrument to manipulate my uterus(painful). My hubby went in with me and was so supportive, he tried so hard to take my mind off of what was going on and the pain that I was feeling. I think he even wooed the other ladies that were in there with us(the doc, xray tech, and the doc's student). Of course it seemed like I was laying on the table for eternity, of course hubby corrected me and said no it was only a few minutes...and then saved himself by adding, but it must have felt like forever to you having to go through that. I am such a wuss..I have never had any major surgery(does mole removal count? haha) or broken bones, so I have no idea what my pain tolerance is/will be. I did tell hhubby that if that was any indication of what childbirth will be like, then I want the drugs! (of course I know I will actaully weigh that decision better when I actaully am faced with that chance) So my doc said unofficially that everything looked good and the dye flowed through like it was suppose to, of course we will get the official report from the radiologist once he reads the xrays.
My hubby did his deed and stopped off at the lab to make a deposit for his semen analysis, so hopefully we get those results sometime next week...and pray that everything is ok with his swimmers and we can get back to TTC, hopefully with success here real soon.
I hope to have results so that I can update everyone in blog world. I also plan on posting some pics of our mini vacation to west virginia May 29-June 2..hopefully this weekend!


DaniKel said...

Can't wait to get the results back from both of your tests. So glad that Lindz did his deed. I am so impatient! hehe

Can't wait to see pic's from your mini vacation!

Love you!

AJ's mommy said...

My HSG was VERY painful too. But childbirth was worse :) So yes you may want the drugs, lol!

I hope you get great results on both of the tests!