Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dreaming of a lil' Dabe...

I awoke to my hubby calling Piper's name early this morning to go potty outside...and it jarred me from my dream that felt so real. I dreamt for the first time ever(or at least the first time that I remember dreaming about it)that I took a pregnancy test and I was looking at two lines!!! I was in some unfamiliar place waiting for my hubby to get back into town, he must have been away on business..who knows?!?! I kept running into people I knew but I could not say anything because I want to tell the papa to be first! Then I run into my BFF(Danielle)and of course I can not fool her, she knows that I am unusually happy or different some how, and she guesses that I am pregnant...I deny it, no way, me...nope we are still trying....I don't think I fooled her...but I will never no because that is when I woke up to ...Piper, Piper wanna go potty? It felt so real, I hope it is some SORT of sign of whats to come...I will forever wonder, if I was having a boy or a matter what it was sure to be a little Dabe! I found this little excerpt online(after checking several, I liked hers the best) that I wanted to share: One of the most common requests for dream interpretation I receive comes from women with dreams of pregnancy. Some are terrified that this is a dream of prophecy, some are hopeful of the same. So what does dreaming of pregnancy mean? Is it an omen of literal conception?

It is entirely possible to have dreams that are prophetic announcements of a literal pregnancy. The Biblical tale of the Annunciation as told by Luke is a great example of this. However, we don't all have to be giving birth to the Christ to discover we are pregnant via a dream. Hormones may kick in or the all-knowing unconscious may make us aware of what is going on in our bodies via a dream well before we see the evidence in waking life's blue line on a store bought strip.

As possible as a pregnancy prophecy may be, usually the meaning of these dreams is not found in a literal event. This should not however, lessen the impact or meaning of the dream as pregnancy dreams are extremely potent. They are telling us that something important is coming; something life-altering is forming in our being. When we think of pregnancy in symbolic terms the dream is much easier to decipher.


DaniKel said...

I have my fingers crossed that this part - 'Hormones may kick in or the all-knowing unconscious may make us aware of what is going on in our bodies via a dream well before we see the evidence in waking life's blue line on a store bought strip.' - rings true of your dream!!!!

Love you BFF!! (and yep, I will KNOW just by looking at you! hehe Cause you will be GLOWING GLOWING GLOWING! And won't be able to hide that from me! hehe)

DaniKel said...

Just a little funny - about dreaming.

I am down in the basement, working, and on my break, I was reading blogs. I was waiting on a blog to pull up, laid my head down, and dozed. And I dreamed. That Kel brought me a mountain dew. I think my body is telling me I need some caffeine to get through the day!! lol

Stephers said...

Me and you both girlfriend...hoping it is a clue to what is to come for Linz and I....I want a mountain dew now too!!..Send Kel over to give me one...heehee

Kiki said...

OH! So exciting! I hope it's a prophetic dream. But in my case every time I had a dream about a baby it was a omen that my life was about to change. Always for the better. Either way it's a good thing. ;)

Anonymous said...

Update, update, I need an update!
Are you, aren't you?

Do tell!!

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