Friday, May 8, 2009

12° 58′ 0″ N, 77° 34′ 0″ E ask what is this? Those are the coordinates of Bangalore, India. My husband has been informed that he will be traveling there for about 3 weeks for work. I was really freaked out at first, but I know that this is a huge opportunity for him and I support him 100%. He has traveled for work in the past but it has only been a few days, and I disliked being away from him then, what ever will I do without him for three weeks? I worry if we will be able to talk as often as we want and what is the time difference...I need to google that! We initially thought he would be gone over his birthday, and I was will be his 40Th and I already bought his gift and was looking forward to giving it to him and trying to make his day really special...of course I can not tell him what I have been planning, I do not want to spoil the surprise just in case there is a change in plans...then today he calls and tells me they have his dates locked down and he has good news; he will not be leaving until the middle of July...Hooray! I am thrilled that even though it will suck with him gone for that long, I am so happy that we will get to celebrate his 40Th together!

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DaniKel said...

WOW!!! It is a great opportunity, but geeze, 3 weeks is a long time! You will be lost without your hubby! But I am so glad that it will not be over his birthday. That would have really sucked.

Tell Lindz that I said I want a souvenir from India!!

Oh, and I am not positive, but I think they are like 10/10.5 hours ahead of us.