Monday, June 29, 2009

Doing the impossible...

I decided a few months ago that I wanted to have a surprise birthday party for my hubby's 40th. I was worried about how I would ever pull it off without him finding out, he always has a knack for figuring stuff out,so to surprise him is impossible, well almost! I started with the guest list and from there I started calling different places to see about renting for the night. I finally decided on a place that would not break the piggy bank. I bought the invites so I could work on them when he was not around but still get them mailed out a few weeks before the party. The party was planned one week before his actual birthday. His birthday is on July 4th so with the holiday I did not even want to plan it on the day of, plus I figured a week before would throw him off. My grandparetns 60th anniversary is JUly 2nd, so that was my ruse to get him to the surprise party. He thought we were going for a surprise party for my grandparents..PERFECT! I covered my tracks for the day of the party by telling him that my mom asked me to help make some food and get stuff together for the problem. I went to the store got all the food stuff I needed, the sheet cookie and the rest of the decorations. All the stuff I had bought in previous weeks was hidden away in the trunk of my car...I just prayed that he woul dnot have to get into my trunk for anything. I met my mom at the party spot so we could rearrange tables, decorate and leave any food that we possibly could. We then headed to her house to get busy making stuff. I left there with enough time to go home, eat with the hubby and get ready for the party. We headed out and once in the parking lot, I called my mom, let it ring then hang up, so she knew we were in the parking lot and headed up. Right as we got to the top of the stairs, he hesitated and said this is not for your grandparents is it? I could not help but to let out the biggest grin I could, grabbed his hand and said let's go. Everyone yelled out surprise as we made our way through the entrance. He was so SURPRISED and I was relieved that I pulled it off. There were so many friends and family there, it was a wonderful night and he really enjoyed it and was thrilled that I did that for him.
Happy 40th my love!!! Of course we will be celebrating more the weekend of when we have his daughter and see the rest of his family.


AJ's mommy said...

ahhh how sweet!!! Good job!

DaniKel said...

The party turned out great!! Love that you were able to keep it from him!!

And we got out of the house without the kids! WOW! That never happens! lol You need to throw a surprise party for your hubby more often! :-)