Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Eve Eve

Wow, where has the year gone and better yet, why have I not blogged enough?  I had a wonderful time this Christmas celebrating with our family throughout the holiday weekend, with the exception of my dad and step-mom ( missed them) who were in Florida for a partial move and vacation.  Dustin and Amber were missed as well, thankfully we were able to see them over Thanksgiving....and hopefully we can get  trip planned to go see them soon in their neck of the woods.  I love vacationing with them.  My dad and his wife should be on their way back to Ohio and getting in sometime this evening, we hope to do Christmas with them on New Year's day.  It looks like they will only be back for a short while since their house finally sold, they will be moving to Florida the end of January or beginning of February (super sad that they won't be in the same state as my sister and I, but excited for his life of retirement, and envious of the warm weather they will enjoy). My mom and step-dad left Monday for their 4-5 month hybernation in Florida. Not a good feeling realizing I will not have both of my parents near matter how old I get they will always be my mommy and daddy.  The only thing I can forcast for 2011 is I am sure there will be a Florida visit planned to see my dad and step mom.

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DaniKel said...

Wow! I can't believe they have sold their house! Hope they made it back safe, and that you guys had a good visit on New Years Day!

Hope you had a good Christmas and New Years!