Monday, November 15, 2010

Memories Not for Sale.

So my mom and step-dad are wanting to down size, too much house and land to upkeep for just the two of them. So when they got back from there annual snowbird trip to Florida this year they got their house ready to put on the market and then it was listed.  They thought they had a buyer, so they decided to get the auction process started. They started going through everything and moving stuff out into the garage and barn that would be in the auction. There were boxes all over the house with things grouped into boxes for display to be part of the auction as well.  Interested buyer backed out and the folks decided to still go ahead with the auction since the sutff had to go at some point.  I guess it didn't really hit me that all these items that I had grown up with would be gone...sold off to the highest bidder.  That is when the fury hit in, these items that had been gifts or just had some sentimental meaning behind them were being sold for darn near nothing, it broke my heart.  I had a little melt down but pulled it together because I knew that if this was hitting me like this and it was not even my stuff, that this HAS to be really difficult for my mom and step-dad, then my heart sank a little more.  I had to leave before it was over to go to work, I think that may have been a blessing in disguise because when I talked to my mom she said EVERYTHING was gone except for a box of odds and ends (probably sutff somebody decided they didn't want), a playpen (one my sissy and I used),and some buckets.  I am happy that the auction was a success for them and now they don't have to worry about trying to store and then fit all this stuff into their new place.  I am looking forward to what memories we will create in their new home.


Kelly said...

((hugs)) I know how hard this was for you!!!

DaniKel said...

I can only imagine how hard this was on all of you. I'm here for ya babe if you ever need to talk.

Love ya!