Friday, April 10, 2009

"Spring Break"

My step-daughter is on Spring Break this week and it is our year to have her for the break. She stayed with her aunt the first two days and then we took her and her friend to an indoor waterpark Wednesday and Thursday. We had a blast and the girls loved the bunk beds with their own tv... a little surprise we did not tell them about.
We tried to have her friend stay over at our house one more night(we love it when she spends time with us, her and my step-daughter get along so well)but it did not happen.
Probably better that way we were all exhausted and just layed around the rest of the evening...and of course I had to come to work today. There are two things that I am very aware of after our little "trip"...I need to work out and I desperately need a new swim suit..or two. I actually threw one of the two that I took with me away, it had served it's purpose for as long as it was one of my favorites too! I am sure that my hubby and I will both be on some sort of work out routine by summer time so we can get in tip top shape for our cruise in is always nice to be able to show the beach pictures with you in them...heehee My step daughter siad the sweetest thing to me yesterday, we were having lunch before going back into the waterpark and we were talking about families and stuff and she looked up at her dad and I and said well I have 3 parents...looked at me and gave me the biggest smile...totally melted my heart, I love her so much! Anyway, I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter!!!

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