Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray!

My BFF, fixed my blog so comments can be made now...she is my guardian blog angel!
I have no idea what was wrong but she fixed it yesterday...THANK YOU DANIELLE.
I probably messed something up when I changed my layout, I am still learning.
I am getting irritated with the whole layout thing because most of the time my background stuff does not show up : o ( Anyway I just wanted to put a quick post out here to say thank you to Danielle!


DaniKel said...

Awww - schucks! I'm blushing! lol

Glad to have you back - or your comments back!! Cause I like to leave comments. I will ramble on and on and on, and probably not really say much of anything, but I feel like I have, and then I will go on to explain what I said, and then explain why I am explaining, and then that will lead me to something else - well, you know what I am getting at - right? Cause that is kind of how things go when I talk! lol

Anyways - I was glad that I was able to fix it!!

twondra said...

Yay! Glad we can comment now. :)

Kiki said...

Finally! I always have something to say to you when I read your blog but I can never leave behind my thoughts. But of course now that I can I have nothing to say. ;)

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