Thursday, February 26, 2009

A day of firsts

Yahoo, yippee, I have my first BFF! So yesterday I bought my very first Vera Bradley purse(the green cupcakes print), I love it and can't wait to transfer all my stuff from my present purse into it. I also made my first recipe from the many that I have printed from the crockpot blog that I am obsessed with. I made the recipe she made on Good Morning America 2/19/09, Buffalo Chicken Lasagna. It was super easy to make and it was absolutely husband and mother-in- law agreed that it was tasty too. I would definitely make it again, it is a little spicey so I recommend only making it when the people eatting it are into a little is buffalo chicken lasagna afterall : ) I am attending my first "jewelry' party this evening, so another first! I am a sucker for jewelry, probably a bad idea for me to go....I will try to be good.

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DaniKel said...

A wonderful day of firsts! Hopefully I will also be able to attend my first jewelry party with you this evening!

The lasagna sounds yummy, maybe we will have to give it a try!! But, you know how picky my boys are....